In Retailing, it is an inevitable “must” to combine each specialty areas in a harmony. Due to the unique characteristics of the Retail Sector; being “very good” on a particular subject, but having a “low” or “average” level in other parts of the business, will negatively affect the process of achieving desired results.

When we think of the word “Harmony” in the meaning of “combination of things, the form of suitability, rhythm of a system” and considering the “multicolour” organisation of the retailing sector; it is obvious that the skill of combining all criteria in a harmony is the most important factor.

Based on this reality, REtail HArmony Consulting team aims to reach the dream of “Ideal Retailing” and aims to provide a “Consulting” service that is structured to congregate different expertise areas  in perfect a harmony

REtail HArmony = The Combination of Colours

Our team, which will be your “pocket travel-mate” in this difficult journey, is always ready to share its expertise and talents with the Retailing sector and to learn continuously.


We accept the concept of ; sharing our 25 year experience on Retail, Management and Leadership with all Retailers;  the continuous learning and research motivation of our team to reach the target of “Ideal Retail Business”;  and helping the Turkish Retailers to go beyond the international standards for creating new and more Turkish brands with dynamism. We, the REtail HArmony team, have adopted the criteria of always being with Turkish retailers in the field.


Our main vision is to be a “global consultants group” who continuously learns and reflects this knowledge by sharing the international retailing standards that will ensure all brands to have a voice worldwide.


REtail HArmony Consulting; carries an identity of a team mate who learns and develops constantly, communicates sincere and open, cares about the spirit of the retailers by sharing knowledge and being instructive.